Saturday, January 2, 2010

I love getting a good deal!

I have always loved the Casablanca 1900. There were so many times when I saw pictures from a wedding, thought about how much I loved the dress, then found out it was Casablanca 1900. I called around the DC area to find a sample of the 1900 in close to my size. My mom and I went to Jeanette's Bridal in Manassas back in September and I really did like the 1900. After trying on some more dresses at a couple other stores, I decided that I really wanted the 1900. About a month ago, I found out that Jeanette's was going out of business and was selling their samples for 30-70% off. I called immediately to see if I could get the 1900 sample, unfortunately, they had already sold the sample that was my size.

I immediately starting trying to find another store where I could get the 1900. Jeanette's had been selling the 1900 for one of the lowest prices I could find in this area and I didn't want to buy a lot more. After calling a few stores that were selling the price for around $400 more, I ended up at TLC Bridal in Frederick, MD. I'm so glad I went there! All the ladies that work there were so amazing to work with and their prices were very reasonable. They also knew SOOOO much about Casablanca dresses. After my first visit, I was debating between the 1900 and the 1885. I went back today with my mom to get her opinion and ended up buying a completely different dress. I'm trying to keep my final choice a surprise, but I am really excited about the one I choose. I felt like it combined the things I liked about the 1900 and the 1885. I was even able to get the dress at a lower price just by asking! I would highly recommend TLC Bridal to any DC area brides.

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