Monday, May 24, 2010

DIY: Flower Power

I've been really inspired by flower accessories lately. I am already going to wear a flower in my hair, so I didn't want to add any more flowers to my outfit, but I thought it might be nice to give some flower accessories as thank you presents. I hope to come up with a different flower accessory for each of my bridesmaid, but that might be too ambitious. I started off with a present for the flower girl and junior bridesmaid. I decided to make a flower headband for both of them because it seemed like an easy project and I had most of the materials. Here is an inspirational picture:

I had some left over white petals from making my hair flower and I picked up two headbands at the dollar store. A before picture of the headbands:


I used about 3 petals for each headband and decided against sewing the petals together. I grouped the petals with the smallest one in front and then hot glued them together. The petals were laying flat, so to make them more flower-like, I bunched the sides in until it looked right, then I hot glued the folded parts to hold the petals up. Once the flower looked right, I hot glued it to the side of the headband and was done!

It only cost me $2 to make two headbands, I hope Olivia and Sarah like them!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mountain Music

After all the wedding dreams and a panicked phone call to my mom, we have now resolved almost all the issues that were giving me nightmares. The first thing my mom did was to email her friend about playing for our ceremony. Growing up, I always wanted a string quartet, but now I am over that. I wanted something that represented the mountains and so I decided I wanted a dulcimer! Not only is this a mountain instrument, but my mom plays the dulcimer. She is even in a dulcimer group (my mom has become so much cooler since moving back to the mountains) and one of her fellow group members had agreed to play for our wedding! He is going to be playing his first wedding in May and its also outdoors so he can judge whether he is loud enough alone or if we need more than one dulcimer.

In case you don't know what a dulcimer is, here is a picture:

I don't think I'm going to tell him what music to play during the ceremony. I might pick something for when I walk in but in general I love the sound of hymns played on the dulcimer. (I was going to insert a video of a hymn on the dulcimer, but since I wrote this post three weeks ago and still haven't found the time to do that, I'm leaving that to you! There are a lot of videos on YouTube)

I'm really excited to have our ceremony music be something that reminds me of the mountains and my mom.