Monday, February 22, 2010

How Sweet It Is

Long before Will and I were engaged, I went to the Asheville Farmer's Market and saw the cutest little jars of honey. I showed my mom the jars and told her that I thought it would be so cute to give out jars of honey as favors at my future wedding. My mom replied that there was no way she was going to put honey in that many jars. Fast forward one year and now Will and I are engaged. I am discussing wedding favors with my mom and the honey idea comes up again. This time she seems a lot more interested and willing, so we start to develop a plan.

My grandfather was a beekeeper and sold his honey under the name Wayah Mountain Honey. After he passed away, my mom moved to the mountains and took over his beekeeping. She also joined the beekeepers club and through that was able to order little honey jars at a discount. Honey is produced in July and August and doesn't really go bad. So instead of being super rushed and trying to get the favors together at the last minute, we decided to use last year's honey. We were actually really lucky because my mom started new bees last year and usually bees don't produce enough honey the first year. Also, there is a serious honey bee parasite going around and somehow my mom's bees weren't affected!

Over Christmas, Will and I spent a few days pouring all the honey in the jars. Then we put on labels I designed with "How Sweet It Is" and hang tags (from Big Lots!) that were stamped with our monogram and wedding date. Here are the final products, we have two types of honey for our guests to choose from:

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