Friday, March 12, 2010

The Wedding Site!!!

We have decided on a wedding site! Its a family friend's farm complete with an orchard. We are getting married in one corner of the property where three trees form a triangle that open to great mountain views!

You can even see the mountain where my family lives.

The reception will take place a few feet away under the apple trees. Tables will be placed under these trees.

And the food and drinks will be under these trees.

There is an open area right next to the trees where the band and dance floor will go. I am really excited about having found this spot. Its free (!!!) and we can setup ahead of time. This site has a lot of improvements over our old site. Since there are two houses that are not being used right now, we can store things for the wedding there and we won't have to rent bathrooms! We won't have to figure out how to transport everyone from the ceremony location to the reception location, we will have electricity and lots of shade.

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