Saturday, March 20, 2010

Put A Ring On It

Since my engagement ring has a curved band under the diamond and has pave diamonds on the sides of the band, I decided I didn't want a wedding band that I would wear everyday with my engagement ring. Instead, I wanted a simple engraved wedding band that I could wear if I thought my engagement ring was too much or if I was traveling. I knew I wanted something with a design on the band but that also had millgrain around the edge. I could not find any ring I liked, I even looked at antique rings. Finally, one day when I was shopping in Alexandria with my mom, we decided to go into Gold Works. We meet with the owner, David, and he showed us a few rings. I found one I really liked that had a flowerish design. It was in yellow gold, but David said he could make me the ring in white gold. I told him I would bring Will back to show it to him.

About a month later, Will and I went one day after church. When we walked in, David told us he had actually gone ahead and made the ring in white gold the day before. It hadn't been sized or buffed yet but we were able to see what it would look like. We decided that was the ring for me (!) and paid the deposit. That was back in October. David was having surgery in November and we decided to wait till after his surgery to go back but we didn't make it back until this past weekend. Luckily, my ring was there and was finished! I really liked the way it turned out.

David suggested that Will get a wedding band that had the same design as mine in the middle and then a section of yellow gold on the outside of my design. Will liked the idea of incorporating my ring into his, but he hasn't made up his mind yet.

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