Friday, April 30, 2010

The Reality of Seating

In my dream wedding, guests would be sitting on plain brown benches. I love the way the benches are low and don't interfere with the views or the surrounding. I think they are perfect for an outdoor wedding. Unfortunately, they are so hard to find! I was able to find about 35 benches from a rental company in Raleigh, but they were white and 5 hours away.

Once I figured out it was going to be impossible to have brown benches, I moved on to my second choice, haybales. This was much more attainable, my great uncle promised to set aside enough hay to have seating for everyone. I really liked the idea of haybales since they were still low and I loved how they looked when covered with a bunch of different quilts. Then the reality of getting all the hale up to the ceremony site and finding enough quilts to cover the hay set in. I was also afraid the haybales would be too low for some people and too scratchy.

So I finally resigned myself to actual chairs. I'm sure guests will be much happier and I was able to find wooden chairs so I'm hoping they won't be as noticeable as white ones. We will be using the same chairs for the reception, which makes me excited to think about long rows of wooden chairs with the white tables.

BTW, this last picture comes from this wedding that I am totally obsessed with, they also used haybales as ceremony seating.


  1. lovely photos! and you know what? i think that hay bales are a great idea!!

  2. I love an outside wedding and especially by mountains!! I am so jealous! I think I want hay bails at mine. I hope they wont be too low. The chairs are a wiser choice.