Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Lots Wedding

Sometimes I feel like my wedding is becoming a Big Lots wedding. My mom has found so many decorations and paper goods there! Everything we bought there has been Martha Stewart and has been $2 per item. We were able to get all the invitations, response cards and envelopes for...$8! Yes, 140 invitations, envelopes and response cards for under $10. I had already planned on printing them myself and the paper we got is cute.

We also got Thank You notes in the eyelet pattern and in a daisy pattern. Big Lots also provided 25 strings of battery powered eyelet lanterns, that will be used at our reception, daisy hearts, daisy chains, daisy place cards, daisy favor boxes and sticker daisies. We don't yet know how we will use all of the items, but I feel like we got a major deal and were able to get almost all the reception decorations.

Here is a picture of the lanterns:

Here is a picture of the different daisy products:

Thank you Big Lots!!

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