Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Take A Pictcah!

That is what Will's brother Graham used to say when he was little and was playing with his toy camera. Now, everytime I think about pictures, I can picture little Grahamy saying "Take a pictcah"

The first vendor we booked was our photographer. Photography was really important to both of us and I didn't want to wait in case our first choice got booked. I didn't really find anyone in the Asheville area that had the style I was looking for, so I decided any travel fees would be worth it. I wanted someone who took great pictures but had more of a candid feel instead of all posed pictures. I was also drawn to photographers that had really bright colors in their pictures. What was also really important to me was that whatever package we chose included a second shooter, all our images on a DVD with printing rights, and an engagement session.

We narrowed the list down to Frank Jin from Winston Salem, Sarah Seay from Raleigh and White Box Weddings from Greensboro. We met with Frank Jin first. We both really liked him and he seemed really knowledgeable about cameras and photography. His packages included everything we were looking for and for a good price. Later the same day, we meet with Sarah Seay. She was also so nice and had brought a lot of albums to show us some of the weddings she had shot. I wasn't at all interested in an album, but after seeing the ones she brought, we both decided we had to have one! Even with the album, we were able to get everything we wanted in our package within our budget. After meeting with Sarah, we both decided that it wasn't necessary to even meet with White Box Weddings (their lowest package was out of our budget and didn't include everything we wanted) even though I loved their style. We booked Sarah the next week and are so excited to have her shoot our wedding!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Sarah Seay (source for all):

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