Saturday, December 12, 2009

This Is Where I Try To Obtain French Vintage Flair!

If you know me, you know I love anything French! So for my wedding, I will grab on to anything that seems French and try to incorporate it. I already had a loose vision of what I wanted the reception to look like, then I saw these pictures in the Utterly Engaged e-zine and loved them! They totally say French to me and they also fit into the look I was already going for for the reception.

 I love the table linens, I love the milk glass vases, I love the flowers, I love the cake stands, I love the wooden chairs, I love everything! I've already found a bunch of milk glass vases to use and will be filling them with an assortment of flowers, including lots and lots of dahlias!

Here are some of the mockups:

I know I will definitely have long tables instead of round, which actually saves money since we can borrow them from my mom's church. It looks like we might be getting chairs from there as well, so instead of wooden they will be metal. Now I just need to find some table linens that have a similar feel to the ones in the pictures from Utterly Engaged, I just think they look so much better than normal wedding linens!

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