Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Ranger Station For My Ranger

Originally, I liked the idea of having it at my parent's house in their backyard on the side of the mountain. The main problem was that they didn't have a house in Franklin, and we weren't sure if they were going to have one by the time I got married. Currently, they still haven't started building a house, so we decided to figure out other options. My mom suggested Wilson Lick Ranger Station, which is also located on Wayah Bald and about 3 miles from the tower. After I saw pictures, I loved the idea. Add in that my fiance works for the Park Service, and it seemed perfect. We were able to get our permit for the tower to also apply to Wilson Lick. And then we had the ceremony and reception reserved, not to mention both cost $0!!

The challenge was figuring out how to get everyone from the tower to Wilson Lick. While the tower has parking for about 30 cars, Wilson Lick's parking lot can only hold 3 cars. And the fact that we will have no electricity at either location.

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