Thursday, December 31, 2009

Entering A New Year With Hope

We found out a couple weeks ago that our ceremony location will be closed for construction :'( At first, I could not even imagine getting married somewhere else. I have always wanted to get married at Wayah Bald and it just seemed like it wouldn't be as special to get married anywhere else. My mom seemed pretty optimistic that we could find somewhere else. I think I spend most of the next week researching any location that had a good view in Franklin, NC. The problem was that I really wanted to see them all in person and Will and I would only be in Franklin for 3 days over Christmas. We were able to have an extra 4 days in Franklin the week before Christmas due to a funeral, so we spent a lot of that time looking at locations. I came away from that trip feeling hopeless. Nothing we had seen had given me a good feeling and no one really had the same amazing views of Wayah.

My mom and grandmother have been asking all of their friends for recommendations on places to get married. One of the ladies from church suggested St. John's Episcopal Church. At first, I was really sceptical because I had no desire to get married indoors. Will and I stopped by on Christmas day and I almost started crying, it was so perfect. St. John's has an outdoor santuary with benches (I'm dying to have benches!) and chapel was so cute. There was even a bell we could ring!!

We left there feeling great about the wedding. I called the church first thing on Monday morning but it wasn't until Wednesday that I heard back from the minister. Unfortunetly, they don't let you get married there unless you are Episcopal or have a family member that attends, so that is now out. Back to the search!

Even with all the setbacks, I've feeling really hopeful for 2010. Will and I will at least get married and it will hopefully be in an amazing place surronded with all our family and friends.

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